Jun 06, 2024

5 of the World’s Rarest LEGO® Sets

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For decades, LEGO® sets have captivated the hearts of the masses from all walks of life, building a global community of likeminded creatives across the world. Within this world of bricks, there exists a realm of rare and collectible LEGO® sets that embody the pinnacle of human creativity and design. From special editions to limited releases, these gems hold a special allure for collectors and die-hard enthusiasts looking to build their collections or test their construction skills. In this blog, we will explore five extraordinary LEGO® sets that may not be the most expensive LEGO® sets but have gained legendary status among LEGO® brick masters all over the world.

LEGO® 10179 - Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™

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Kicking off our journey is the legendary LEGO® set that set the standard for exclusivity and grandeur - the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™. This gargantuan set saw its release in 2007 and stayed on the market until December of 2009. Made up of an astonishing 5,197 pieces, this behemoth set was the biggest LEGO® set to have ever been made at the time. The attention to detail and faithful recreation of the iconic ship earned its place in the hearts of Star Wars™ and LEGO® set fans alike.

The Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™ is valued by collectors for its scarcity and detailed design, making it extremely sought after in the LEGO® set community even after it went out of production. Only a lucky few were able to secure this set during its limited production and if you are looking to get your hands on a sealed copy now you should be prepared to pay a significant sum on the secondary market.

LEGO® 10196 - Grand Carousel

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This magical addition to the LEGO® Creator Expert series, the Grand Carousel, is an exquisite example of special edition LEGO® set that has taken the world of LEGO® sets by storm. Released in 2009, this beautiful set features a functioning carousel with intricately designed horse, gleeful riders and all powered by its own motor creating an enchanting spectacle.

The Grand Carousel is a testament to the brilliance of LEGO Group designers, showcasing their ability to engineer complex mechanisms within the constraints of the plastic brick. The limited availability and sheer quality of this set has secured its place in the LEGO® set hall of fame.

LEGO® 10182 - Cafe Corner

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Stepping into the world of modular buildings, we encounter the timeless LEGO® set - Cafe Corner. Released as part of the Creator Expert series in 2007, this build sparked a revolution in the modular LEGO® set building world. Instantly capturing the imagination of LEGO® set enthusiasts across the world with its architectural elegance, attention to detail, and ground-breaking design.

Regarded as one of the cornerstones of the modular building series, Cafe Corner was unexpectedly retired shortly after its release, only adding to its allure. As a result, this unique LEGO® set has become highly sought after by collectors looking to complete their modular cityscape.

LEGO® 10185 - Green Grocer

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Continuing our exploration of the modular building series, we have another treasured gem - the Green Grocer. Released in 2008, this delightful set consists of a charming three-story building featuring a grocery store on the ground floor with apartments above.

The Green Grocer sets intricate architectural design and the innovative use of LEGO® elements to recreate near life-like detail spotlights this set as one of the best modular buildings in the series. Like its counterparts, the desirability of this set soared on its retirement after only a short period on sale.

LEGO® 10196 - LEGO® Inside Tour Sets

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Now we come to the holy grail of rare LEGO® sets. Handed out those few lucky enough to attend the behind-the-scenes trip to LEGO Group HQ in Denmark. The tour is an exclusive event put on at various times of the year for the most devoted fans of LEGO® sets, each event takes the attendees on a tour of the LEGO® House, the LEGO® brick factory, Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s house, the LEGO® Ideas House and more. And for the cherry on the cake, each attendee gets a unique LEGO® set that isn’t available anywhere else in the world.

These Inside Tour sets hold an irresistible allure for collectors as a result of their extreme exclusivity and limited production. Featuring themes and designs not available in regular LEGO® sets, these treasures are cherished by those lucky enough to attend the Inside Tour and acquiring them outside the event can prove challenging to say the least.


The intricate world of unique and collectible LEGO® sets captivates LEGO® brick Masters and enthusiasts across the globe. From the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™ to the enchanting Grand Carousel, and the iconic modular buildings, these sets truly embody the passion and creativity of the LEGO® set community.

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