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Acceptance Guidelines

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If you’re thinking of selling your LEGO® bricks, parts, and pieces to us, read our acceptance guidelines first. This will help you know what to send and what to keep, based on the condition your bricks are in.

Here’s a breakdown of what we accept, don’t accept, and do with your LEGO® bricks when we can’t accept them.

LEGO® bricks, parts, and pieces we can accept

We accept LEGO® sets, Technic™, Bionicle® and DUPLO®.

LEGO® bricks that are part of a complete set.

Random bricks that are jumbled up, but in good condition.

LEGO® bricks of all colours, shapes and sizes.


LEGO® bricks that are clean and usable.

LEGO® bricks, parts, and pieces we can't accept


LEGO® bricks that are damaged or worn.


LEGO® bricks that are dirty. This includes sticky residues or covered in food or any other dirt.


LEGO® bricks that are not genuine.


We do not accept Mega Blocks, Knex, Kre-O etc.

How do you check my LEGO® bricks?

All LEGO® bricks, parts, and pieces are checked by our quality control team. We sift through brick by brick and check that they comply with our condition guidelines, stated above.

What happens if you don’t accept my LEGO® bricks?

If we find any LEGO® bricks that don’t meet our acceptance guidelines, we’ll email you to let you know. You can choose whether you would like us to dispose of your LEGO® bricks on your behalf, or we can send it back to you. However, you will need to cover the postage cost for this. See our return postage costs below:

LEGO® bricks (per box): Max £5.00


If you have any doubts about the condition of your LEGO® bricks, parts, and pieces, give it a quick check before you send them in to avoid any disappointment. Pack your bricks well to stop any damage in transit and minimise the risk of any going missing, as we can’t pay you for missing items. Take a look at our Packaging Guidelines for more information on packing your LEGO® bricks.

Still need answers?

Head over to our FAQs page to see if we’ve answered any of your questions there. Alternatively, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].

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