Aug 22, 2023

The Top 10 LEGO® Sets For Kids


LEGO sets are a great kid’s toy, which help them to develop a range of skills. Children develop hand coordination, concentration and imagination, as they build and play. Just one of the reasons LEGO has stood the test of time.

Many parents will remember playing with LEGO in their own childhood, and are now on the hunt for the best children’s LEGO sets for their kids. LEGO has expanded over the years, releasing a number of ranges dedicated to specific developmental phases.

  • LEGO DUPLO® - DUPLO is designed for toddlers, with bright bricks and loveable characters that open up a world of play. They’ll learn resilience as they try to fit bricks together, and feel a sense of achievement when they do.
  • LEGO Friends - LEGO Friends is for kids aged 6 and above. It includes schools, shops, community centres and more. Children will learn how to interact and show empathy as they play with diverse minifigures.
  • LEGO Technic - The Technic range is for slightly older kids who love building and mechanics. The range includes sports cars, trucks and even the Mars Rover. Brilliant for any budding engineer.
  • LEGO NINJAGO® - The NINJAGO range is based on the accompanying TV series. It has intricate builds based on the TV characters and set, even including dragons!

Of course, there is still normal LEGO as well. LEGO has kept its appeal to kids through collaboration with their favourite films and TV series. There is LEGO Disney™, LEGO Marvel, LEGO Star Wars™ and so on. There’s even a LEGO Minecraft®!

There are so many LEGO sets out there that there is truly something for everyone. We’ve gone through and picked out the best kids’ LEGO sets, so you don’t have to. Each set has its own unique look and appeal, and teaches children a valuable skill. Take a look at the best children’s LEGO below.

Top 10 Best Kids’ LEGO Sets

1. DUPLO Life at The Day-Care Center

1. DUPLO Life at The Day-Care Center - £42.99 (2+ years).jpg

This DUPLO Life at The Day-Care Center set is great for toddlers and young children. It has been designed to encourage role play, with 4 diverse minifigures. Children can play with the figures in the different sections of the nursery, including a play area and bathroom. Figures can paint, ride scooters or rock on the rocking horse. Watch as children make the figures talk and interact, learning vital social skills as they go.

2. LEGO Friends Holiday Camping Trip

2. LEGO Friends Holiday Camping Trip - £19.99 (4+ years).jpg

This LEGO Friends set is suitable for children aged 4+. There isn’t a lot of building in this set, which has been designed to focus on creative play. Construct the campervan and car, and watch your children play with the 2 minifigures. Their imagination will go into overdrive as they come up with stories and adventures.

3. LEGO Fire Rescue and Police Chase

3. LEGO Fire Rescue and Police Chase - £24.99 (5+ years).jpg

This kids’ LEGO set introduces your children to the emergency services and their role in society. There’s a getaway car, police motorbike and fire truck, as well as minifigures including a police officer, fireman and bank robber. There’s also a flaming building and traffic lights, to inspire children’s story telling.

4. LEGO Space Shuttle

4. LEGO Space Shuttle - £8.99 (6+ years).jpg

This 3-in-1 LEGO set is the perfect challenge for little hands! Kids can construct a space shuttle, spaceship or astronaut from this set. They can play with it on its own or use it in other imaginative play. It is one of the more challenging LEGO sets for this age, and will develop children’s dexterity and problem solving skills.

5. LEGO Friends Pet Adoption Cafe

5. LEGO Friends Pet Adoption Cafe - £24.99 (6+ years).jpg

Children are encouraged to nurture and care for animals with this set. Minifigures can ride the pet rescue bike to save abandoned animals and bring them back to the adoption cafe. There’s a bath, bottle, brush and comb, so children can really engage in gentle play.

6. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland

6. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland - £39.99 (4+ years).jpg

There are a few Frozen LEGO sets, but this one is our favourite! This easy-to-construct set is aimed at children aged 4+. It includes a castle, playground and sled, where children can play out adventures with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

7. Emergency Vehicles HQ

7. Emergency Vehicles HQ - £59.99 (6+ years).jpg

Another emergency services LEGO set, but bigger! It includes a motorbike, ambulance, police car and fire helicopter. Children can test their building skills as they construct the HQ and vehicles. Minifigures include a police officer, paramedic, fireman, old lady and robber, so there are plenty of stories to explore! This set comes with an impressive range of accessories which children can use in play, like a stretcher and medical kit.

8. LEGO Technic Buggatti Agile Blue

8. LEGO Technic Buggatti Agile Blue - £44.99 (9+ years).jpg

Part of the LEGO Technic range, the Buggatti Agile Blue will really put children’s building skills to the test! Perfect for car-mad kids, it features real-life details like scissor doors. Build the Buggatti from the inside out, including the engine. This challenging but rewarding set will introduce children to the world of engineering and might even inspire a future career.

9. Diagon Alley: Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

9. Diagon Alley_ Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes - £84.99 (8+ years).jpg

No detail has been overlooked in this Harry Potter LEGO set! It features two buildings: the iconic Wesley’s Wizard Wheezes and the Owl Post. The two-level joke shop is fully stocked with love potions and puking pastilles. The Weasley twins are there of course, as well as Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Romilda Vane and Lavender Brown. Although it’s one of the more expensive sets, it would make a wonderful gift to any Harry Potter fan.

10. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

10. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter - £44.99 (9+ years).jpg

Is your child a Star Wars fan? They’ll love the chance to make Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter! This incredible set comes with adjustable wings, retractable landing gear and spring-loaded shooters that actually fire. There are 4 minifigures, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, General Dodonna and R2-D2. This set requires precision and focus, so will hone children’s attention to detail.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for kids LEGO sets. LEGO is a truly versatile children’s toy, which develops dexterity and concentration as they build. Once complete, it is designed to stimulate their imagination and inspire stories and adventures.

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