Jun 05, 2024

Why Buy the Build-it Box?

Family Playing with LEGO® bricks at home.png

With the release of the all-new WeBuyBricks Build-it Box, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about what the box is and its many exciting uses. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on your own yet, the Build-it Box is a box of around 700 genuine LEGO® parts and pieces, designed to challenge, inspire, and fuel creativity.

What Can I Do with the Build-it Box?

The scope for what you can do with your Build-it Box is near endless, but to make your decision a little easier, we have created a comprehensive list so you can get the most out of yours.

Holiday Filler

Child playing with a LEGO® bricks during school holidays.png If you have school holidays coming up and you’re looking for something to entertain the kids for hours for a few hours, the Build-it Box can be your first point of call. You don’t have to spend much, and the Build-it Box can provide hours of fun without the need to stare at a screen.


Children at a party playing with LEGO® bricks.png If you’re looking for something to take your kid's party to the next level, the Build-it Box is the perfect solution. Bursting with a wide variety of pieces and with no rules in sight, you can turn your Build-it Box into the life and soul of the party. Challenge everyone to build weird and wonderful creations or create a speed-building game and award prizes at the end! A Build-it Box also makes a great gift for any last-minute invites.


Children playing with LEGO® bricks at a club.png Encourage your community to come together by starting a Build-it Club near you. Get everyone to bring their own Build-it Boxes and create the opportunity to share ideas, builds, and even pieces; with each box being totally unique, the opportunity for trading and swapping pieces is right there.

In the Classroom

Children learning with LEGO® bricks at school.png Not only are LEGO® bricks fun to play with, but it can be a great tool to stimulate learning in a creative environment. Using the Build-it Box in the classroom can help to stimulate children’s creativity and can aid in the development of learning. Of course, exactly how each Build-it Box is used in the classroom is up to you the teacher, but the utility of each individual box is nearly limitless. Don’t forget, however, that boxes may contain small parts unsuitable for children under 3 years old.

Learning at Home

Child learning with LEGO® bricks at home.png The classroom isn’t the only place children can learn, even when they are at home, they constantly developing and discovering new things, and what better way to help them discover more about creativity than by giving them the tools to explore and build to their heart's content with the Build-it Box.

Corporate Events

Pile of LEGO® bricks at a corporate event.png The Build-it Box isn’t just for kids, it is the perfect tool to help your business develop and improve. The Build-it box can provide an excellent tool to use for things like team building activities for work either in the office or at corporate events. Unlock your employee's childish streak by inspiring them to reignite their creativity and team spirit with the Build-it Box.

Add to Your Collection

A pile of collected LEGO® bricks.png If you are already a LEGO® set collector, then the Build-it Box is the best, and one of the cheapest ways to supplement your already extensive collection. The Build-it Box also offers a fresh challenge to all you seasoned builders by taking away all the instructions and encouraging you to get creative with the bricks available to you.

That concludes our list of what you can do with your Build-it Box. Don’t feel limited by just the ideas on this list, we want you to find as many weird and wonderful uses for your Build-it Box as possible!

Show us what you have done with your Build-it Box and inspire others to build, explore, and educate with the tools available to them.

Discover more about the Build-it Box and pick up your own.

Get Your Build-it Box

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