Jun 05, 2024

What’s Inside the Build-it Box?

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With the release of Build-it Box, a lot of people have been asking us what is inside, so we thought we would show you. What follows is a breakdown of the Build-it Box and its contents. We will also take a look at how each box is made.

Build-it Box Contents

Each and every Build-it Box is unique, containing a random assortment of genuine LEGO® parts and pieces. To ensure that your building adventure isn’t cut short by a lack of bricks, each box is carefully crafted to give you a wide selection of parts and pieces to choose from. We guarantee that every set has a healthy combination of traditional bricks, vehicle parts, house parts, foliage, and Minifigures.

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How We Make the Build-it Box

Here at WeBuyBricks, we believe in going the extra step for our customers, so when it comes to the Build-it Box, our specialist LEGO® brick team hand-makes every single box. This way, we can make sure that every box that you buy is of the highest standard.

Where Do the LEGO® Bricks Come From?

We pride ourselves on the fact that every brick that comes in the Build-it Box is recycled. By preventing perfectly usable LEGO® parts and pieces from going to landfill, we can give them a new life and give them the potential to create new adventures with you. Don’t worry, every LEGO® brick that goes into the Build-it Boxes is scanned, sorted, and rigorously cleaned to ensure you receive only the best.

What Can You Build From Your Build-it Box?

What you build from your box is totally up to you. There are no instructions in the box, so the power to invent and create is in your hands. Here are some examples of what Build-it Box owners have already made with their boxes:

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Why Buy the Build-it Box?

We may be biased, but we think that the Build-it Box is the ultimate solution for buying LEGO® bricks on a budget. Here’s why we think you should grab a box while you can:

- Cheap LEGO® Bricks – The Build-it Box offers great value for your money! You will only be paying £24.99 For approximately 700 (or more) genuine LEGO® parts and pieces, that’s nearly half the price of buying it brand new.

- It's Sustainable – Each box is created from preloved bricks so not only will you be getting a great deal on your LEGO® bricks, but you will be helping the environment too by giving old LEGO® bricks a new life.

- Genuine LEGO® Bricks – We sort, scan, and clean every brick we put into the Build-it Boxes to reduce the risk of fake, damaged, or dirty LEGO® pieces in your box.

- Diverse Selection of Bricks – We’ve carefully crafted the recipe for the Build-it Box to ensure that every box, while still being one-of-a-kind, can give you ultimate creative freedom from the moment you open it.

Don’t waste another minute, get your Build-it Box now! And, if you order yours directly from the WeBuyBricks website, you will get free postage!

Buy Now

We hope this has answered any questions you had about the all-new Build-it Box. If you want to learn more about how to get your hands on cheap LEGO® bricks or how to enjoy LEGO® bricks while doing your part for the environment, check out some of our other content here.

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