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Jun 06, 2024

LEGO® Sets 2024: Preview The Most Anticipated New LEGO® Sets Coming Your Way


Welcome to an overview of the LEGO® sets of 2024! Each year, LEGO® set enthusiasts across the world eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new sets, and 2024 is shaping up to be a particularly exciting year.

With a perfect blend of nostalgia, innovation, and creativity, The LEGO Group continues to captivate audiences of all ages. In this blog, we'll delve into the most anticipated LEGO® sets for 2024, exploring trends, rumours, and what makes these sets stand out.

Recent LEGO® Set Trends

The LEGO Group has consistently been at the forefront of blending traditional play with contemporary trends. Recent years have seen a focus on themes ranging from space exploration to historical landmarks, alongside an increased integration of technology with sets like LEGO® Boost and Mindstorms®.

For 2024, we expect these trends to evolve further, possibly introducing more augmented reality experiences and eco-friendly materials, reflecting The LEGO Group’s commitment to sustainability. Anticipated LEGO® sets 2024

LEGO® Ideas

LEGO® Ideas (1 January 2024): This set is a creative nod to the classic Polaroid camera, offering a nostalgic trip for photography enthusiasts and LEGO® set collectors alike.

  • 21345 Polaroid OneStep Camera

LEGO® City 2024

LEGO City 2024.jpg

LEGO® City 2024 (1 January 2024): Always a staple, the LEGO® City theme continues to expand with a variety of sets that capture the essence of urban life and adventure. From the bustling Burger Van to the high-flying Fire Rescue Plane, these sets offer endless storytelling opportunities for city planners in the making..

  • 60399 Green Race Car
  • 60400 Go-Kart and Race Drivers
  • 60401 Construction Steamroller
  • 60404 Burger Truck
  • 60406 Race Car and Car Carrier Truck
  • 60411 Fire Rescue Helicopter
  • 60413 Fire Rescue Plane
  • 60417 Police Speedboat and Crook’s Hideout
  • 60418 Police Mobile Crime Lab Truck
  • 60419 Police Prison Island
  • 60428 Space Construction Mech
  • 60429 Space Asteroid Recovery
  • 60430 Spaceship
  • 60431 Space Rover with Aliens
  • 60433 Modular Space Station
  • 60434 Space Base and Rocket Launchpad
  • 60438 Sailboat

LEGO® Technic

LEGO® Technic (March 2024): Known for their complexity and realism, the Technic line in 2024 includes models like the Heavy-Duty Bulldozer and the Off-Road Race Buggy. These sets challenge builders with intricate mechanisms and offer a more advanced building experience.

  • 42163 Heavy-Duty Bulldozer
  • 42164 Off-Road Race Buggy
  • 42167 Mack® LR Electric Garbage Truck
  • 42168 John Deere 9700 Forage Harvester
  • 42169 NEOM McLaren Formula E Race Car
  • 42178 Surface Space Loader
  • 42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit
  • 42180 Mars Exploration Rover
  • 42181 VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81
  • 30682 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

LEGO® Friends

LEGO Friends.jpg

LEGO® Friends Sets (1st January 2024): The LEGO® Friends theme continues to charm with its detailed, vibrant sets that depict the adventures of five best friends in Heartlake City. The 2024 lineup includes sets like Andrea’s Modern Mansion and the Mars Space Base and Rocket, offering diverse play experiences.

  • 42639 Andrea’s Modern Mansion
  • 42634 Horse and Pony Trailer
  • 42633 Hot Dog Food Truck
  • 42632 Farm Animal Vet Clinic
  • 42621 Heartlake City Hospital
  • 42620 Olly and Paisley’s Family Houses
  • 42619 Pop Star Music Tour Bus
  • 42617 Farm Animal Sanctuary
  • 42616 Heartlake City Music Talent Show
  • 42615 Pet Adoption Day
  • 42614 Vintage Fashion Store
  • 42613 Heartlake City Hospital Ambulance
  • 42612 Cat Playground Adventure
  • 42610 Karaoke Music Party
  • 42609 Electric Car and Charger
  • 42608 Tiny Accessories Store
  • 42607 Autumn’s Baby Cow Shed
  • 42606 Mobile Bakery Food Cart
  • 42605 Mars Space Base and Rocket
  • 42604 Heartlake City Shopping Mall
  • 42603 Stargazing Camping Vehicle
  • 42601 Hamster Playground

LEGO® Chinese New Year

LEGO® Chinese New Year 2024 (1 January 2024): Celebrating Chinese culture, these sets are known for their vibrant colours and intricate details. The Auspicious Dragon and the Family Reunion Celebration sets are perfect for those looking to add cultural diversity and festivity to their LEGO® set collection.

  • 80112 Auspicious Dragon (1 January 2024)
  • 80113 Family Reunion Celebration (1 January 2024)

LEGO® Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario.jpg

LEGO® Super Mario 2024 (1 January 2024): Bringing the world of Nintendo's iconic video game to life, these sets are a delight for fans of Mario and his friends. Sets like Yoshi’s Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set offer interactive play experiences that merge digital and physical play.

  • 71428 Yoshis’ Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set
  • 71429 Nabbit at Toad’s Shop Expansion Set
  • 71430 Penguin Family Snow Adventure Expansion Set
  • 71431 Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set
  • 71432 Dorrie’s Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set

LEGO® Harry Potter™

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Sets (March 2024): The magic of Hogwarts™ comes to life with new sets in the Harry Potter™ theme. From the Flying Ford Anglia™ to the Hogwarts™ Owlery, each set immerses fans in the beloved world of Harry Potter™, complete with beloved characters and magical locations.

  • 76424 Flying Ford Anglia™
  • 76425 Privet Drive Sign and Hedwig™
  • 76426 Boathouse: Arrival at Hogwarts™
  • 76428 Hagrid’s Hut: An Unexpected Visit
  • 76430 Hogwarts™ Owlery
  • 76432 Forbidden Forest™: Magical Creatures

LEGO® Marvel

LEGO Marvel.jpg

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes (1 January 2024): These sets bring the action-packed world of Marvel to life, featuring iconic characters and scenes. Fans can look forward to sets like the Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock Motorcycle Chase and the War Machine Mech Armor, each offering unique building experiences and play possibilities.

  • 76275 Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock
  • 76277 War Machine Mech Armor
  • 76278 Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird
  • 76279 Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin
  • 76280 Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle
  • 76281 X-Men X-Jet
  • 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot
  • 76285 Spider-Man’s Mask (1 January 2024)

LEGO® Speed Champions

Speed Champions Sets (March 2024): Car enthusiasts can rejoice with the Speed Champions line, featuring detailed models of iconic vehicles. The 2024 lineup includes the Ford Mustang Dark Horse and the Audi S1 e-tron quattro, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of the real-life cars.

  • 76920 Ford Mustang Dark Horse
  • 76921 Audi S1 e-tron quattro
  • 76922 BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8

LEGO® Spring Festival Sets

LEGO Spring Festival Sets.jpg

Spring Festival Sets: Celebrating the vibrancy of the Spring Festival, these sets, including the Spring Festival Mickey Mouse and Festival Calendar, are imbued with cultural significance and festive spirit, making them a delightful addition for those celebrating or appreciating this joyous time of year.

  • 40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse
  • 40678 Festival Calendar

LEGO® Monkie Kid™

Monkie Kid™ Sets 2024: Inspired by Chinese mythology, the Monkie Kid™ theme grows in 2024 with sets like Megapolis City. These sets blend traditional lore with modern design, offering an exciting and culturally rich building experience.

  • 80054 Megapolis City

LEGO® Animal Crossing™

LEGO Animal Crossing.jpg

LEGO® Animal Crossing™ (1 March 2024): The LEGO Groups vast universe expands with the introduction of the enchanting Animal Crossing™ theme, launching from March 1, 2024. This new series includes five sets that capture the game's whimsical charm. There's also anticipation for the 30662 Maple’s Pumpkin Garden polybag, featuring the character Maple. While not yet officially confirmed, this special set, spotted at JB Spielwaren, adds an extra touch of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting these charming new additions to the LEGO® set family.

  • 77046 Julian’s Birthday Party
  • 77047 Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities
  • 77048 Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour
  • 77049 Isabelle’s House Visit
  • 77050 Nook’s Cranny & Rosie´s House

LEGO® Star Wars™

LEGO® Star Wars™ 2024: A perennial favourite, the Star Wars™ theme continues to expand with sets that span the entire saga. From buildable droids to detailed dioramas, these sets are a must-have for fans of the epic space opera.

  • 30680 AAT™
  • 75372 Clone Trooper™ & Battle Droid™ Battle Pack
  • 75376 Midi-Scale Tantive IV™
  • 75378 BARC Speeder™ Escape
  • 75379 R2-D2™
  • 75380 Mos Espa Podrace™ Diorama
  • 75381 Droideka™
  • 75384 The Crimson Firehawk™
  • 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV™

LEGO® Botanical Collection

LEGO Extended Line.jpg

Botanical Collection Sets: This line continues to enchant with its diverse range, including the Cherry Blossoms and Daffodils sets. These sets offer a more sophisticated building experience, perfect for adult fans looking to add a touch of elegance to their LEGO® set collection.

  • 40725 Cherry Blossoms
  • 40747 Daffodils


NINJAGO® Sets 2024: This theme continues to captivate with its unique blend of modern and traditional elements. The 2024 lineup includes sets like Zane’s Dragon Power Vehicles and Kai’s Dragon Glider, each offering an immersive experience into the world of NINJAGO®.

  • 30674 Zane’s Dragon Power Vehicles
  • 71801 Kai’s Dragon Glider
  • 71802 Nya’s Dragon Glider
  • 71803 Dragon Glider
  • 71804 Arin’s Battle Mech
  • 71805 Jay’s Battle Mech
  • 71806 Cole’s Battle Mech
  • 71807 Sora’s Tech Mech
  • 71808 Kai’s Fire Mech
  • 71809 Egalt the Master Dragon
  • 71810 Riyu the Baby Dragon
  • 71811 Arin’s Ninja Off-Road Buggy
  • 71812 Kai’s Ninja Climbing Mech
  • 71819 Dragonstone Temple

LEGO® DreamZzz™ 2024

LEGO DreamZzz 2024.jpg

DreamZzz™ Sets 2024: This imaginative theme takes a leap into the world of dreams and fantasy. The 2024 lineup, including sets like Mateo’s Off-Road Racer and Izzie’s Hot Air Balloon, promises to transport builders to a realm of whimsical adventures and creative storytelling.

  • 71471 Mateo’s Off-Road Racer
  • 71472 Izzie’s Hot Air Balloon
  • 71475 Mr. Oz’s Space Buggy
  • Zoey and Zian the Cat Owl
  • 71477 Sandman’s Tower

LEGO® Minecraft®

LEGO® Minecraft® Sets 2024: Perfect for fans of the popular video game, these sets bring the pixelated world of Minecraft® to life. With sets like Steve’s Desert Expedition and The Turtle Beach House, players can recreate their favourite in-game moments or invent new adventures.

  • 21251 Steve’s Desert Expedition
  • 21254 The Turtle Beach House
  • 21255 Nether Portal Expedition
  • 21256 The Frog House
  • 21257 Showdown with the Devourer
  • 30672 Steve and Baby Panda
  • 21253 The Animal Sanctuary
  • 21252 The Armory


LEGO Art.jpg

For those who love to combine artistry with LEGO® brick building, the LEGO® Art theme offers a creative outlet. The 2024 sets, such as the vibrant Macaw Parrots, are perfect for display and offer a unique building experience that appeals to both art enthusiasts and LEGO® set fans.

  • 31211 Macaw Parrots (1 January 2024): This vibrant set is expected to be a hit with bird lovers and collectors alike.

LEGO® Jurassic World

Jurassic World Sets (January 2024): These sets are a dream come true for dinosaur enthusiasts, featuring detailed models of dinosaurs and scenes from the movies. The lineup includes sets like the Dinosaur Fossils T. rex Skull, offering both a fun building experience and a display-worthy model.

  • 76963 Baby Dinosaur Rescue Center
  • 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull

LEGO® Disney 2024

LEGO Disney 2024.jpg

LEGO® Disney Sets (January 2024): Capturing the magic of Disney, these sets feature beloved characters and scenes from various Disney movies. Sets like Belle’s Storytime Horse Carriage and Elsa’s Frozen Castle are perfect for fans of Disney's enchanting stories.

  • 40708 Mini Disney Ariel's Castle
  • 43233 Belle's Storytime Horse Carriage
  • 43234 Elsa's Frozen Treats
  • 43238 Elsa's Frozen Castle
  • 43241 Rapunzel's Tower & The Snuggly Duckling
  • 43246 Disney Princess Market Adventure
  • 10418 Elsa & Bruni in the Enchanted Forest
  • 43237 Isabela's Flowerpot
  • 43239 Mirabel Photo Holder & Jewelry Box
  • 43242 Snow White's Cottage
  • 43249 Stitch

LEGO® Creator™ 2024

LEGO® Creator™ Sets (1st January 2024): Known for their versatility, the Creator™ sets offer multiple building options in one set. The 2024 lineup includes sets like the Red Dragon and the Flatbed Truck with Helicopter, each providing a varied and engaging building experience.

  • 30666 Gift Animals
  • 30669 Iconic Red Plane
  • 31145 Red Dragon
  • 31146 Flatbed Truck with Helicopter
  • 31147 Retro Camera
  • 31148 Retro Roller Skate
  • 31149 Flowers in Watering Can
  • 31150 Wild Safari Animals
  • 31152 Space Astronaut
  • 31155 Hamster Wheel
  • 31156 Tropical Ukulele
  • 31157 Exotic Peacock

2024 vs Previous Years

Comparing the upcoming 2024 sets with previous years, we anticipate seeing advancements in design complexity and a broader range of themes. The LEGO Groups continuous innovation means each year brings sets that are more intricate and engaging than the last!

The integration of technology is also expected to be more seamless, enhancing the building experience without overshadowing the classic LEGO® set charm.

As we look forward to the 2024 LEGO® set releases, it's clear that The LEGO Group continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Whether you're a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the world of LEGO® bricks, there's something exciting on the horizon for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to build your imagination with the new LEGO® sets of 2024!

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