Jun 06, 2024

Exploring the World of Second Hand LEGO® Sets: Tips for Finding Hidden Gems

LEGO® bricks are a timeless favourite, with its appeal hard to beat. Whatever your skillset or creativity level, the LEGO Group has it all. Perfect for younger children to build their creativity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and STEM learning (including elements of science, technology, engineering and maths).

Adults can explore and play in much the same way. Builders must plan and experiment to create their desired creations and can do so collaboratively or independently. The LEGO Group’s sales increased by 17% in 2022 and this demand can also be seen within the second-hand market with many sales retaining 50% to 75% of their retail value.

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The Allure of Second-Hand LEGO® Sets

The LEGO Group’s empire is ever-growing and so are its sets. As new sets are launched, older sets are building value for their nostalgic value. Second-hand sets can be a fantastic way of getting into the world of LEGO® sets, with second-hand LEGO® sets being an affordable option compared to newer sets. Alongside saving your hard-earned cash, second-hand LEGO® sets are also great for the environment by limiting the amount of produced plastic through its reuse.

Where to Buy and Sell Second-Hand LEGO® Sets

Ebay, Bricklink, BrickOwl and Facebook Marketplace are fantastic avenues for people to delve into second-hand LEGO® sets. However, each has its advantages and potential risks.


Ebay supports the buying and selling of items between third-party buyers and sellers. Ebay.jpg

Pros of using Ebay to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® Sets:

  • Easy to navigate to source those rare editions and bargain sets.
  • When buying more than one item, most sellers will ship this to you in one package, often reducing delivery costs.
  • International shipping- meaning no LEGO® set is out of reach.
  • Ebay offers fixed rates, meaning that, when selling, you can look at your profits beforehand.
  • As a seller, you can list up to 150 products each month at no cost.

Cons of using Ebay to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets and parts:

  • When a seller has placed their item up for auction, there is no guarantee you will win as a buyer.
  • As with any product, ensure you complete your own research. Remember to read the small print for dimensions and specifications.
  • Double-check the shipping address to ensure that you will not experience a delay in shipping times.
  • If your item sells, Ebay will keep a proportion of the profits.

Bricklink is the world’s largest online marketplace to buy and sell LEGO® parts and sets- both new and second-hand.


Pros of using Bricklink to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets and parts:

  • As the largest online marketplace for all things LEGO® parts and sets, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.
  • Parts are listed alphabetically, making it easier to browse.
  • Whilst buying, you can use the community tab to link with people for support and discussions.
  • The oldest and arguably the most trusted LEGO® set marketplace
  • Elements are often 10-20p cheaper on Bricklink than the LEGO Group’s spares service.
  • For items shipped in the same country, delivery is between 4-7 working days. International packages can take between 2-4 weeks, depending on the destination.
  • In comparison to Ebay, Bricklinks fees are roughly around half.
  • Bricklinks has a built-in customer base of LEGO® set lovers to market your items to.

    Cons of using Bricklink to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets and parts:

    • Product listing may not be accurate, especially when certain shades and models only have minor differences.
    • There is a minimum buy on Bricklink, meaning there is a minimum amount a buyer must meet to place an order.
    • Bricklink takes 3% of profits on the sale of an item.


      Similar to Bricklink, Brickowl is a marketplace for the resale and purchase of LEGO® parts and sets.


      Pros of using BrickOwl to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets and parts:

      • User-friendly experience.
      • Descriptive overviews for each piece.
      • Wishlists can be created so that when you visit a store you can be notified if they have the required LEGO® parts.
      • Elements are ordered by cost so you can determine your price point.
      • As with Bricklink, BrickOwl also has a user base of LEGO® bricks fans to buy your items.

        Cons of using BrickOwl to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® set and parts:

        • Parts may not be available from a single store, meaning you could be ordering from multiple.
        • Items are shipped from all over the world, so delivery times may vary.
        • Shipping fees apply to individual stores- if ordering from more than one store, you will need to pay for each delivery charge.
        • BrickOwl takes a 2.5% commission on each sale.

          Facebook Marketplace

          Facebook Marketplace is available at the click of a button, which enables its use. Over 800 million people globally use Facebook Marketplace to source items each month.

          Facebook Marketplace.jpg

          Pros of using Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets and parts:

          • Easy to communicate about an item through the chat feature.
          • It’s free to access and there is no listing fee for sellers.
          • Delivery can be arranged between seller and buyer for either collection or to be delivered.
          • You can personalise your Facebook Marketplace

            Cons of using Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell second-hand LEGO® parts and sets:

            • Ensure that when arranging to meet with a seller/buyer, this is in a safe place. Meeting at home may put you in a compromising position.
            • No protection for the buyer or seller.
            • As a seller, it may take longer to sell an item since there is no in–built user base.

              Evaluating the Condition of Second-Hand LEGO® Sets and Parts

              Evaluating the Condition of Second-Hand LEGO®.jpg

              When selling any LEGO® bricks, it is important to check its condition and sets are complete. Look out for:

              • Scratches and imperfections such as dents and bends.
              • Discolouration- if LEGO® bricks have been left in the sunlight.
              • Dirty parts.
              • Other parts mixed in with the collection such as crayons.
              • If selling as a set, make sure that it is complete. Complete sets should include all the original parts and box, instructions, parts bags, stickers and sticker sheets and any mini-figures.

              For more information on how to clean your LEGO® pieces, follow the link.

              Researching and Identifying Valuable Second-Hand LEGO® Sets

              Researching and Identifying Valuable Second-Hand LEGO® Sets.jpg

              Many older sets can be sourced from our stores on Ebay, BrickLink and BrickOwl alongside Facebook Marketplace. Rare, retired and limited edition sets can be worth thousands if kept in pristine condition, although not all sets require you to break the bank. Certain LEGO® sets may be more valuable to the owner as a result of the nostalgic memories they hold. Typically, however, older complete sets will bring you more money since they are out of production. The less damage the better, although, as listed above, there are ways to restore LEGO® bricks to their former glory.

              Connecting with the LEGO® bricks Community

              Sharing your LEGO® set finds has never been easier. There are multiple forums and social media groups that can be found at the click of a button, making those unique finds and collections easier to celebrate with people who truly understand. Certain areas even have their own groups for you to interact, trade, buy and sell second-hand LEGO® sets within your local area. Join the WeBuyBooks Facebook Group to be part of our community.

              Curating and Displaying Your Second-Hand LEGO® Set Collection

              Curating and Displaying Your Second-Hand LEGO® Collection.jpg

              When building a curated collection of pre-owned LEGO® sets, you may have a set theme in mind such as Harry Potter™ and Star Wars™. Want to proudly display your growing LEGO® set collection or simply fancy a unique display? LEGO® sets can be showcased in a variety of ways:

              • Display boxes
              • Floating shelving
              • Shadow box display
              • LEGO® baseplate tower

              The Ethics of Second-Hand LEGO® Sets Reselling

              When buying and selling second-hand LEGO® sets, there are ethical considerations to consider. If buying from a private seller, pricing may be an issue. Depending on the method used to source your LEGO® sets, the reliability of the seller/buyer may be an issue. It is key to research where your item is coming from/ where you are sending to before committing to any dealings (using reviews can be helpful to decipher reliability). To make sure you are getting the best deal use the Ebay, BrickLink and BrickOwl sites to compare pricing.

              For further advice and support, contact WeBuyBricks. We also have a Help and Resources section which provides useful information on all things LEGO® sets.

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