Jun 06, 2024

The Top 5 LEGO® Events in the UK

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Welcome, lovers of the LEGO® brick, to a road trip around the UK, stopping off at some of the biggest and best LEGO® events you don’t want to miss. We are going to take a look at the top 5 LEGO® conventions and gatherings in UK, discovering what the events have to offer and what it is about these LEGO® brick landmarks that draws people in from all over the UK. Keep reading to unlock the secrets these events hold and discover how you can get involved!


Brick Festival – UK

London - October

LEGO events UK - Norwich.png Image Source: Brick Festival

The Brick Festival is a national convention that hosts shows all over the UK. Throughout the year the event books out venues in Bournemouth, Cardiff, Blackpool, and Exeter, just to name a few. However, the Brick Festival London takes the cake, as one of the biggest LEGO® events in the UK. And here’s why…

Brick Festival London is a show that shouldn’t be missed by anyone with a love of LEGO® bricks, full of exciting fan builds, shopping areas, build stations and so much more. This event has everything you could want for a great day for the entire family. You can find out more about the London Brick Festival and how to get your tickets through the Brick Festival Website.


Great Western Brick Show

Swindon - October

LEGO events UK - Western Brick Show.png Image Source: Great Western Brick Show

A real gem for all you LEGO® set hobbyists and train enthusiasts. Taking place at the STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway, the Great Western Brick Show is a family-friendly event filled to the brim with displays, stands and vendors.

The Great Western Brick Show is set to feature LEGO® brick builds of all shapes and sizes, and all built by members of Brickish - the UK club for adult LEGO® brick fans. With such an experienced build team, the displays are sure to impress! The LEGO® brick displays are set to include builds like railway layouts, buildings, aircraft, cars, spaceships and much more. Attendees will also get the opportunity to contribute to a massive mosaic made up of over 100,000 bricks! Don’t miss out on this marvel of LEGO® brick engineering this October!



Manchester - February

LEGO events UK - Bricktastic.png Image Source: Bricktastic

Manchester is the place to be next February for anyone calling themself a LEGO® brick enthusiast. The Bricktastic show – Manchester consists of countless stalls, demonstrations, displays and talks, combined to create a LEGO® brick experience you don’t want to miss.

Held in Manchester around the end of February, Bricktastic is on track to deliver an awe-inspiring experience, boasting around 200 fan displays inspired by LEGO® sets dating all the way back to the 1980’s. There is something for everyone, including build stations for the whole family and a LEGO® set marketplace featuring some of the UK’s top LEGO® set retailers, so you can shop to your heart’s content. There is a reason this show is one of the most well-regarded shows in the UK.


Reading Brick Show

Reading - June

LEGO events UK - Reading.png Image Source: Reading Brick Show

Reading Brick Show has everything you could possibly need for a great day out with the whole family. With displays, vendors and experts in abundance, Reading Brick Festival will provide the perfect fun-filled weekend.

Reading Brick Show’s array of the events, stands and displays will let you experience both the technical potential and creative potential of the LEGO® brick. This epic festival is set to feature robot battles, a downhill racetrack, a buildable brick mosaic, City Skyline architecture, a monster truck driving challenge and much more, all designed and built out of LEGO® bricks! And that’s not to mention the countless other LEGO® brick display models built by the LEGO® brick community.


Discovery Brick Show

Newcastle - April

LEGO events UK - Brick Alley.png Image Source: Discovery Brick Show

Last but by no means least, is the Discovery Brick Show. Hosted by the Local LEGO® brick user group, Brick Alley, the Discovery Brick Show is held at the Discovery Centre right in the heart of Liverpool.

With some of the best amateur LEGO® brick builders in the UK exhibiting their craft, the Discovery Brick Show showcases some of the best and newest LEGO® sets out there. The selection of displays and market stalls will let you browse to your hearts content and pick up a set or two to take home.



And so, our overview of the best LEGO® events in the UK comes to an end. Whether it’s just you or the kids too, there will be a LEGO® brick-orientated show for you. So, get ready for a whole year of fantastic LEGO® brick adventures from gravity-defying structures to epic robot showdowns when you book tickets to the next LEGO® event near you!

For more brick related insights, head over to our blog to fulfil all your LEGO® brick needs like tips on cleaning your bricks and how to store them.

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