Nov 01, 2023

The Complete Guide to Selling LEGO®


Do you want to sell your old LEGO®? Or do you just want a rough idea of the price you could get? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together the complete guide to selling LEGO®. That includes a breakdown of all the best places to sell your LEGO® and how to go about it.

Should I sell my LEGO®?

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Are you debating whether to sell your LEGO®? Unsure whether anyone would buy them? Or wondering whether it’s even worth the effort? We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should sell your LEGO®.

1. More money

Selling LEGO® is a great way to earn extra money. You could sell your LEGO® by weight or by complete set. Normally, you’ll earn more money by selling complete sets. You’ll still earn money selling by weight though, which is better than binning your LEGO® and getting nothing!

2. Better for the environment

Selling your LEGO® means that it doesn’t end up in landfill. Instead, it goes to another user who can get years of enjoyment out of it! This extends the product lifecycle and stops it from going to waste.

Reselling your old LEGO® also means that new LEGO® doesn’t have to be produced. There are currently 400 billion LEGO® bricks in circulation, with 36,000 new bricks made every minute. That’s a lot of plastic! Selling LEGO® on the second hand market reduces the need for production, saving plastic and cutting down pollution.

3. Declutter your home

Has LEGO® taken over your home? Sell your LEGO® and reclaim your space. That makes more room for new collections or for other toys as your children get older. You can also check out our organisational tips for the LEGO® you have left.

4. It’s easy to do

It’s so easy to sell LEGO® with WeBuyBricks! Just weigh your LEGO®, enter the weight and get an instant cash offer. Once you’ve accepted the offer, package your bricks and send it to us for free. There’s even an option for free home collection. We’ll pay you the next day, once we’ve received your items.

Where to sell LEGO®

So, you've now decided you want to sell it, but where exactly is the best place to sell your LEGO®? There are lots of options for selling your LEGO®, including brick-buying sites (like WeBuyBricks), online selling sites and car boot sales. We’ll way up the pros and cons of each of the options to sell your old LEGO® in our complete LEGO® selling guide.



We’re an online buying site that buys LEGO® by weight. All you have to do is enter the weight, accept the offer and you’re good to go!


  • Quick sale - selling to WeBuyBricks is a great way to make money fast. We’ll make an instant offer. There’s no waiting around for users to make a bid.
  • Sell by weight - don’t have a complete set? Don’t worry! You can sell loose LEGO®, so you don’t have to spend hours matching up sets.
  • Easy to do - it’s so easy to sell to WeBuyBricks. Just enter the weight and accept the offer. Post to us for free and get paid the next day. It really is that easy!
  • Convenient - there’s a free home collection option, which means you don’t even have to leave the house to sell your bricks.


  • Earn more privately - you could earn more money selling privately, especially if you have a rare set. You should consider the time needed vs money gained.

Online Selling Sites

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You can also sell your old LEGO® on online selling sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This is the best option if you have a rare LEGO® set.


  • More money - you could earn more money selling LEGO® on online selling sites, especially if you have a rare or collectible set.
  • More control - you can choose what price to set your LEGO® at. Do your research and see what other sellers are selling their LEGO® for.


  • Time-consuming - you could wait months to make a sale, unless you have a set that’s in demand. If you need quick cash, online selling sites probably aren’t for you.
  • Low offers - it can be annoying to deal with low offers from buyers. It can also take a lot of time checking and rejecting bids.
  • Hidden fees - there are often hidden fees with online selling sites, who may take a percentage of your sale. You may also have to pay for postage.

Car Boot Sales

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There’s always the option to sell LEGO® at a car boot sale. Pay for a pitch, set up your stall and try to make a sale. This can be a good option if you’ve got lots of stuff to sell at once.


  • Sell multiple items - if you’ve got lots of other stuff to sell as well, car boot sales can be a good way to sell it all at once.


  • Less money - car boot sale go-ers love a bargain and are known for making low offers (often pennies!). You may make more money selling online.
  • Site fees - you have to pay a fee to get a stall. Sometimes, you might not make this money back.
  • Time-consuming- car boot sales take up a large chunk of your time. You have to set up early and come home late, which takes a lot more time than selling to WeBuyBricks.

How to sell LEGO®

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Once you’ve decided where to sell your LEGO®, you need to know how to sell LEGO®. Selling your LEGO® couldn’t be easier with WeBuyBricks! There’s no need to wait around for a sale, receive an instant cash offer and send it to us for free.

1. Weigh your LEGO®

Put your LEGO® in a carrier bag or box and weigh it. Remember to weigh the box first so you can make sure the weight is accurate.

2. Enter the weight

Enter the weight of your LEGO® in the selling basket. Enter to the nearest 0.1KG and we’ll provide an instant offer. Accept or reject this offer.

3. Package your LEGO®

Get your LEGO® ready to send. Package your LEGO® in a box or plastic packaging. Make sure this packaging is secure so no bricks fall out.

4. Send it to us for free

Post your bricks to us for free, using your prepaid postage. If you’ve selected home collection, simply stay in and wait for the driver to come and collect it.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to sell LEGO®. It’s the eco-friendly option that also gets some extra cash in your pocket - a win-win! Start selling with WeBuyBricks today.

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