Jun 06, 2024

Share the Love with Mother’s Day LEGO® Sets


As Mother's Day approaches, remember that the best gifts come from the heart, and what better way to show your love than with a gift that you've built together, brick by brick?

Gift of Love: LEGO® Brick Heart

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the LEGO® brick heart! With 254 pieces, including a special hanger element and cool extras for making it your own.

LEGO® Heart (40638) £10.99*

LEGO® Heart (40638) £10.99_.jpg

The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures to spark your decorating ideas. Wherever you want to hang it, this LEGO® brick heart is all about celebrating love in a big way. It’s also customisable. Need some inspiration? Check out the 2 images included in the set to get those creative juices flowing.

And when it's all built, this LEGO® brick heart is quite the sight! Measuring over 19 cm (7 inches) high and 20 cm (7.5 inches) wide, it's the perfect size to catch eyes and warm hearts.

Choosing the Perfect Bloom: LEGO® Botanical Collection Flowers Sets 2024

Whether your loved one has a favourite plant or you're looking for something to bring colour to their home, you'll find helpful tips on choosing the perfect LEGO® Botanical Collection set 2024.

Bouquet of Roses (10328) £54.99*

Bouquet of Roses (10328) £54.99_.jpg

Give your loved one a creative experience with the LEGO® Bouquet of Roses set (10328), from the botanical collection LEGO® set, perfect for adults seeking a peaceful project. This set beautifully recreates a dozen red roses at various stages of bloom, paired with sprigs of baby’s breath, all designed for display in a vase.

The kit includes six bags of bricks and step-by-step instructions for each flowering stage, making it ideal for both solo and group activities. With the option for digital instructions via the LEGO® Builder app, builders can enjoy an interactive construction process. This 822-piece set, featuring roses over 12 inches (31 cm) tall, is a fantastic way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

LEGO® Sunflowers set (40524) £12.99*

LEGO® Sunflowers set (40524) £12.99_.jpg

Whether displayed on their own or as part of a stunning mixed bouquet alongside the Botanical Collection LEGO® sets: LEGO® Roses set (40460), LEGO® Daffodils set (40747) or the LEGO® Flower Bouquet set (10280) LEGO® brick Sunflowers are sure to capture the heart of anyone who sees them.

The set includes everything needed to assemble two striking sunflower blooms, complete with adjustable green stems and leaves, to design the way your loved one will like it.

With 191 pieces, the final build reaches over 9.5 inches (25 cm) in height, offering a sizable and impressive replica of nature's beauty, ready to brighten your Mother’s Day. Whether standing solo or paired with other botanical collection LEGO® sets, these sunflowers make for a captivating showcase piece in any room.

Tiny Plants 10329 £44.99*

Tiny Plants 10329 £44.99_.jpg

Is your loved one not exactly gifted with a green thumb? This Mother's Day, surprise them with the perfect solution: the Botanical Collection Tiny Plants (10329) set. It's a maintenance-free home decor-building experience designed especially for adults, perfect for those who love the idea of plants but prefer them without the upkeep. Whether they're a seasoned LEGO® set builder or just starting, this set caters to all skill levels with a range of models featuring easy, medium and stages.

This unique set allows builders to immerse themselves in creating nine distinct plant models inspired by arid, tropical and carnivorous species, each presented in its terracotta-coloured pot. With 758 pieces, the tallest plant measures over 16 cm (6.5 in.) high, and offers a striking and eco-conscious addition to your decor collection.

Building these LEGO® Botanical Collection sets can become a cherished Mother's Day activity, creating memories that last as long as the flowers themselves.

Making It Personal: Mother’s Day LEGO® Brick Gifts

Beyond the sets themselves, discover how to add personal touches that transform a simple Mother’s Day LEGO® piece gift into a treasure trove of shared stories and laughter. Learn how to incorporate favourite colours, add Minifigures that resemble family members, or integrate the set into family traditions.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera (21345) £69.99*

Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera (21345) £69.99_.jpg

Refine your building skills with this LEGO® set for adults, a meticulously detailed model of the iconic Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera (21345). This set is a perfect find for photography enthusiasts, offering a hands-on way to celebrate the art.

Dive into the construction process and enjoy bringing to life the camera's classic features, including the viewfinder, Colour Spectrum and exposure compensation dial. Enhance its authenticity with stickers that replicate the camera's original graphics. The set includes a buildable Polaroid Time-Zero Supercolor SX-70 Land Film pack, complete with 3 illustrated ‘photos’—one of which features Polaroid's inventor, Edwin H. Land.

For a unique Mother’s Day gift, personalise your LEGO® camera set by including printed Polaroids of your most cherished family memories. Swap out the standard illustrated ‘photos’ for your personalised Polaroids, making the experience of pressing the camera's red shutter button and seeing a photo 'eject' even more special and nostalgic.

Statue of Liberty (21042) £89.99*

Statue of Liberty (21042) £89.99_.jpg

The LEGO® Architecture set 21042 The Statue of Liberty set, is a perfect Mother's Day gift to reminisce about a memorable trip to New York or inspire future travels.

This LEGO® set lets you gift the beauty of one of America's most famous landmarks, reflecting freedom and hope, and is perfect for those celebrating Mother’s Day who love architecture or have fond memories of New York. Want to add a personal touch? Add Minifigures that resemble family members on the top.

From the statue's iconic 7-ray crown and tablet to the golden torch and flowing robe, every aspect is designed to honour the original sculpture and architecture. The set comes with a booklet that delves into the statue's design, architecture and history.

With over 1,685 LEGO® pieces, this set promises a rewarding building challenge, culminating in a striking model over 17” (44cm) high, perfect for display.

Bird’s Nest (40639) £10.99*

Bird’s Nest (40639) £10.99_.jpg

Delight young builders this spring and add a touch of creativity to your Mother's Day celebration with the LEGO® Bird’s Nest (40639) kit. Perfect for the season and in time for Easter, this charming set with 232 pieces allows builders to construct a detailed bird’s nest, complete with a flowering branch that provides the perfect home for a mother bird, her two chicks, and three colourful eggs. A wonderful gift for families and those who love exploring the wonders of nature and animal life.

The nest stands at 2.5 in. (7 cm) high, 7 in. (19 cm) wide, and 4.5 in. (12 cm) deep, making it an ideal size for display. The mother bird, with her impressive wingspan, measures 1.5 in. (5 cm) tall and 4 in. (11 cm) from beak to tail, adding a lifelike touch to this delightful set.

Make your Mother’s Day unforgettable with LEGO® set orientated ideas that celebrate creativity and love.

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