Jun 05, 2024

Rainy Day Fun with the Build-it Box

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to beat the rainy-day blues? We have every solution packed into the Build-it Box. With a little imagination and a sprinkle of creativity, you can turn a dreary day indoors into an exciting adventure filled with endless possibilities. Here are some rainy-day ideas to spark your creativity and keep the kids entertained:

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Build a Fidget Toy:

LEGO® Bricks fidget toy.png Got a fidgety little one who needs something to keep their hands busy? Why not challenge them to build their own customer fidget toy using LEGO® bricks! Encourage them to experiment with different designs and see what works for them. Check out our TikTok for some fidget ideas!

Create a Stop Motion Film:

child taking a photo with a yellow camera.png Lights, camera, action! Why not try your hand at film making with a fun and creative LEGO® brick stop motion animation project. Set up a makeshift movie studio using a smartphone or tablet to capture each frame, and let the kids bring their LEGO® creations to life. It’s a fantastic way to encourage storytelling, problem-solving, and patience.

Build a Marble Maze:

close up image of a marble maze.png Challenge your little engineers to design and build their own marble maze using LEGO® brick from the Build-it Box. With a bit of planning and experimentation, they can create a maze filled with twists, turns, and obstacles to challenge their friends and family. It’s a great way to promote problem-solving skills and spatial awareness in a fun and engaging way.

Host a Building Challenge With LEGO® Bricks:

child building with LEGO® Bricks.png Turn rainy days into friendly competitions with a building challenge with LEGO® bricks! Set a theme or prompt – such as “build a futuristic city” or “create your favourite animal” – and let the kids’ imaginations run wild. Encourage them to work together or compete individually to see who can come up with the most creative and innovative design. Don’t forget to snap photos of their creations and share them on social media using #WeBuyBricks.

Build a Storybook:

child telling a story with LEGO® Bricks.png Combine play and literacy by getting the kids to build scenes and characters from their favourite books or come up with their own original stories. Once they’re done building, encourage them to write a story to accompany their creations. It’s a wonderful way to foster literacy skills and unleash their creativity in a whole new way.

Design a Treasure Hunt

LEGO® Brick treasure chest.png Transform your home into a treasure-filled wonderland with a treasure hunt! Hide small creations or Minifigures around the house and create a series of clues or riddles for the kids to solve.

Build a Dream House:

child building a LEGO® Brick house.png Give your aspiring architects the chance to design and build their dream home with LEGO® bricks. Whether it’s a cosy cottage, a modern mansion, or a futuristic skyscraper, let their imaginations run wild as they create their ultimate LEGO® masterpiece. Who knows – maybe they’ll discover a hidden talent for architecture along the way.

Create an Art Gallery:

multicoloured LEGO® Brick artwork.png Turn your living room into an art gallery with a showcase of your kids’ most impressive creations. Set up makeshift display stands to showcase their sculptures, buildings, and vehicles. Invite friends and family to admire their handiwork, you could even hold a fictional auction to share the creativity.

Build an Obstacle Course:

children building a a LEGO® Brick obstacle course.png Get active indoors with a DIY LEGO® brick obstacle course! Use random LEGO® bricks to create a series of challenges, hurdles, and obstacles for the kids to navigate. You could even build a mini obstacle course and have your Minifigures complete it too!

Get Your Build-it Box

With these creative rainy-day ideas and the Build-it Box by your side, you’ll never have to worry about boredom striking again. So, grab your box, unleash your imagination, and let the rainy-day adventures begin!

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