May 23, 2024

LEGO® Education: Inspiring Learning in the Classroom


The LEGO® group has transformed classrooms globally, bringing in awesome tools and resources that get students both excited and creative. Let's dive into how the LEGO® group is shaking things up in education!

The Evolution of LEGO® Products in Education

LEGO® bricks have become a go-to tool for teachers everywhere! Starting as a fun little toy, it quickly caught the eye of educators who saw its potential for hands-on learning. Fast forward, and now we have special LEGO® Education sets and lesson plans designed especially for different ages and subjects.

LEGO® Education Sets

LEGO® Education Sets.jpg

Recognising its impact in classrooms worldwide, the LEGO® group has taken things a step further with the LEGO® Learning System. Students are given endless opportunities for hands-on, playful learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM.) It's not just about teaching facts and figures – it's about fostering essential skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

One of the newest additions to the LEGO® Education lineup is SPIKE™ Essential – a primary school STEAM solution that sparks students' passion for learning through playful problem-solving and storytelling.

Reception to Year 1

Coding Express by LEGO® Education 45025

  • For six pupils
  • Explore 8 engaging lessons with access to getting-started guides, classroom activities, and technical assistance. Includes bricks, DUPLO® Connected Train Hub, and tracks. Enjoy the LEGO® Education Coding Express App for students and access various product training options to engage with fellow educators in learning and collaboration.

Year 2 to Year 6

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set 45345

  • For two pupils
  • Over 100 hours of learning await, with resources ready for the classroom. Access a wealth of materials, from activities to technical support. With 449 elements, including bricks, motors, sensors, and hub, the possibilities are endless. Plus, take advantage of professional development resources and teacher support materials. Engage students with the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App for coding adventures

BricQ Motion Essential 45401

  • For two pupils
  • Embark on over 20 hours of learning, using the 523 elements, including bricks, gears, and springs. Make the most of professional development resources and materials for support.

Educational LEGO®: Secondary School (Key Stage 3)

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set 45678

  • For two pupils
  • Discover over 50 hours of learning with experiences ready for the classroom within the app. Access resources such as classroom activities and technical support. Benefit from 528 elements, including bricks, motors, sensors, and hubs. Additionally, access professional development materials for teachers, including getting started resources.

LEGO® Education in the Classroom

LEGO® Education in the Classroom.jpg

Mixing play and building into lessons fires up curiosity and gets children excited about learning. As kids tinker with bricks, they boost their spatial skills, motor skills, and unleash their creativity. The LEGO® group is all about inclusivity, making sure every student, no matter their abilities, can join in and thrive. Take a look at how you can use LEGO® bricks in the classroom:

1. Flexible Complexity: LEGO® sets can be tailored to different complexity levels, so teachers can adapt based on students' skills. Those struggling with fine motor skills can start with simple builds and develop to more mind-bending challenges.

2. Support Fine Motor Skills: As children manipulate the small bricks, they practice hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and spatial awareness. This helps strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers, laying the foundation for future handwriting and other fine motor tasks.

3. Hands-On Fun: LEGO® bricks are perfect for those who learn best by doing. Teachers can toss LEGO® elements into lessons for some tactile action, great for students who aren't big fans of just sitting and listening.

4. Team-Up Tasks: Group work with LEGO® bricks is about teamwork and collaboration. Teachers can set up projects where students work together to dream up, build, and solve puzzles.

5. Make It Individual: With open-ended challenges, students can show off their style and ideas, making learning more personal and fun.

6. Mix 'n' Match Subjects: Students can build models to explain math, make scenes from their favourite books, or even show off science concepts through cool builds.

7. Mindful Moments: LEGO® bricks can be used as a calming activity during quiet times or for children who may need a break from the demands of the classroom.

Turn up the fun and make sure everyone's learning in their own awesome way with LEGO® bricks.

Benefits of Second-hand LEGO® Products in Education

Benefits of Second-hand LEGO® Products in Education.jpg

Using second-hand LEGO® products in education offers several advantages:

  • Save Money: Second-hand LEGO® sets are often more affordable than brand-new ones, making them accessible to schools with limited budgets.
  • Sustainability: By buying second-hand LEGO® products, schools contribute to reducing waste by giving these pieces a new life instead of adding them to landfills.
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving: Second-hand LEGO® sets often come with a diverse range of pieces, including unique or discontinued elements. This variety challenges students to think creatively and problem-solve as they work with different shapes, sizes, and colours to build their creations.

Whether in the classroom or at home, LEGO® products offer endless possibilities for exploration and discovery, making it a timeless favourite among children and educators alike.

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