May 23, 2024

Is it Better to Sell LEGO® Sets or Pieces?


Sell LEGO® sets or pieces with ease! Learn how to maximise your sales and turn your collection into cash with our top tips.

Selling Complete LEGO® Sets

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If you've got complete LEGO® sets to sell, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you get the best price and find the right buyers:

1. Researching Market Prices for Complete Sets

Before you decide whether to sell LEGO® sets or pieces, it's helpful to understand what's desirable on the market. Look up recent sales of similar sets on platforms like eBay or BrickLink to get an idea of what your sets might be worth. Pay attention to factors like condition, completeness, and rarity to gauge how much you can reasonably ask for. Knowing what's in demand can help you decide the sets worth selling and which ones might fetch you a good price.

2. Highlighting Rare or Discontinued Sets

One of the best ways to attract buyers is by highlighting rare or discontinued sets in your collection. These sets often command higher prices and can attract collectors eager to add them to their collections. Mention any unique features, limited editions, or exclusive minifigures that make your sets stand out.

3. Packaging and Presenting Sets for Sale

Presentation matters when it comes to selling LEGO® sets. Take the time to carefully clean and organise your sets, showing that pieces are accounted for and in good condition. High-quality photos from different angles will showcase your sets in their best light and make them more attractive. If possible, include the original packaging and instructions to boost the value of your sets.

4. Finding Collectors or Enthusiasts Interested in Complete Sets

Some people prefer to snag entire sets for the ease and completeness they offer. To find the right buyers for your LEGO® sets, you'll want to target collectors or enthusiasts who appreciate the value of complete sets. Consider joining online LEGO® communities, forums, or social media groups where collectors gather. You can also attend LEGO® conventions or events to connect with potential buyers in person.

Selling complete LEGO® sets can be rewarding if done right. By researching market prices, highlighting rare sets, presenting them well, and targeting the right audience, you can maximise your chances of selling your sets for a good price.

Selling LEGO® Pieces

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If you're looking to sell LEGO® pieces, whether you have extra from sets or a collection of loose bricks, make the most out of your sales using the following top tips:

1. Sorting and Organising Pieces for Sale

The first step in selling LEGO® pieces is to sort and organise them effectively. This makes it easier for buyers to find what they're looking for and ensures that you can accurately list and describe the pieces you're selling. Consider sorting by colour, size, or type of piece to streamline the process.

2. Identifying Valuable Individual Pieces

Not all LEGO® pieces are created equal, and some are more valuable than others. Take the time to identify any rare or sought-after pieces in your collection, such as unique minifigures, exclusive accessories, or rare bricks. These pieces can fetch higher prices and attract collectors looking to complete their sets or add to their collections.

3. Selling in Bulk or by Specific Piece Type

When it comes to selling LEGO® pieces, you have the option to sell them in bulk or by specific piece type. Selling in bulk is convenient for buyers who are looking to stock up on a variety of pieces, while selling by specific piece type allows you to target buyers who are searching for particular pieces to complete their projects. Consider which approach makes the most sense for your collection and target audience.

4. Utilising Online Platforms or Brick-and-Mortar Stores for Sales

There are various avenues for selling LEGO® pieces, including online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores. Online marketplaces like eBay, BrickLink, or Etsy allow you to reach a wide audience of LEGO® enthusiasts from around the world. You can also explore local brick-and-mortar stores that buy and sell used LEGO® pieces. Whichever option you choose, make sure to research fees, shipping costs, and seller policies to maximise your profits.

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By sorting and organising your pieces, identifying valuable items, deciding whether to sell in bulk or by specific piece and maximising the right sales channels, you can turn your LEGO® collection into cash while helping other builders bring their creations to life.

Pros and Cons of Selling LEGO® Sets vs. Pieces

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When it comes to selling LEGO® bricks, whether you're dealing with complete sets or individual pieces, each approach has its own set of advantages and challenges. Let's break down the pros and cons of each:

Pros of Selling Complete Sets

✓ Convenience: Selling complete sets requires less sorting and organisation compared to selling individual pieces. Once assembled, sets can be sold as-is, saving time and effort.

✓ Higher Perceived Value: Complete sets often have a higher perceived value to buyers, especially collectors who prefer having the entire set rather than piecing it together themselves.

✓ Easier Marketing: Complete sets can be marketed as ready-to-build packages, making them attractive to buyers who want a hassle-free LEGO® experience.

✓ Potential for Higher Profit Margins: In some cases, complete sets can fetch higher prices than selling the individual pieces separately, particularly if the set is rare or discontinued.

Cons of Selling Complete Sets:

X Limited Market: Complete sets may appeal only to buyers interested in specific themes or sets, limiting your potential customer base.

X Storage Space: Complete sets require adequate storage space, especially if you're dealing with larger sets or multiple sets at once.

X Shipping Complexity: Shipping complete sets can be more complex and expensive due to their size and weight, particularly for international buyers.

Pros of Selling Individual Pieces

✓ Customisation: Selling individual pieces allows buyers to customise their LEGO® creations according to their specific needs and preferences, attracting a broader range of customers.

✓ Greater Flexibility: Selling individual pieces gives you the flexibility to cater to different buyers, offering a variety of pieces to suit various projects and budgets.

✓ Ability to Monetise Rare Pieces: If you have rare or valuable LEGO® pieces in your collection, selling them individually can yield higher profits than selling them as part of a set.

✓ Continuous Revenue Stream: Selling individual pieces can provide a steady stream of income over time, as you can sell pieces as and when needed, rather than waiting for complete sets to sell.

Cons of Selling Individual Pieces

X Time-Consuming Sorting: Selling individual pieces requires meticulous sorting and organisation, which can be time-consuming and labour-intensive.

X Lower Perceived Value: Individual pieces may have a lower perceived value to buyers compared to complete sets, making it challenging to command high prices for certain pieces.

X Inventory Management: Managing inventory of individual pieces can be challenging, particularly if you have a large collection with thousands of different pieces.

The decision to sell complete sets or individual pieces comes down to personal preferences and goals. Consider your available time, storage space, target market, and potential profit when deciding which approach is the one for you.

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