Jun 06, 2024

Celebrate with LEGO® Easter


Experience the boundless joy and excitement of Easter with the enchanting world of LEGO® sets. Whether you're crafting intricate Easter scenes or engaging in playful activities, LEGO® Easter egg-citingly blends creativity with fun!

LEGO® Easter Bunny

LEGO® Easter Bunny.jpg

The iconic LEGO® Easter Bunny set becomes a beloved symbol of the holiday, enchanting hearts and sparking imaginations. Just like the traditional rabbit, the LEGO® Easter Bunny set version hops into our lives, bringing joy, wonder, and endless possibilities.

1. White Rabbit (31133) £10.99*

2. Jade Rabbit (40643) £17.99*

3. Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny (71453) £18.99*

4. Easter Rabbits Display (40523) £11.99*

Each LEGO® Easter Bunny set adds a playful touch to Easter celebrations, inspiring creativity and spreading smiles to all who see it.

LEGO® Brick Easter: Birds

LEGO® Easter_ Birds.jpg

Watch as the beauty of spring takes flight through colourful brick creations! As the season of renewal and rebirth, spring brings with it the return of birds, symbolising hope, freedom, and the awakening of nature.

1. Bird’s Nest (40639) £10.99*

2. Birdhouse (31143) £24.99*

3. The Fauna Collection Macaw Parrots (31211) £44.99*

4. Exotic Parrot (31136) £19.99*

5. Spring Animal Playground (40709) £10.99*

The LEGO Group invites you to explore the wonder of spring through captivating brick-built bird wonders.

LEGO® Brick Easter: Flowers

Easter LEGO®_ Flowers.jpg

Let the vibrant colours of spring burst to life in your delightful brick creations! As the season unfolds, what better way to infuse your space with the joyful hues of spring than with these charming floral wonders?

1. Cherry Blossoms (40725) £12.99*

2. Daffodils (40747) £12.99*

3. Sunflowers (40524) £12.99*

4. Wildflower Bouquet (10313) £54.99*

5. Flower Bouquet (10280) £54.99*

6. Tiny Plants (10329) £44.99*

7. Roses (40460) £12.99*

From Daffodils to Sunflowers, the LEGO® Botanical Collection sets brighten up any room, spreading cheer and uplifting spirits.

LEGO® Brick Easter Gifts

LEGO® Easter Gifts.jpg

Whether you're searching for a fun surprise for young ones or a delightful treat for the young at heart, our guide to LEGO® Easter sets has, hopefully, offered endless possibilities for Easter joy.

After a thrifty alternative? Embrace the spirit of creativity and sustainability by crafting unique presents using second-hand LEGO® pieces.

  1. Customised Easter Bunny Minifigures: Personalise LEGO® Minifigures to resemble adorable Easter bunnies. Add miniature baskets, carrots, or Easter eggs for an extra festive touch.
  2. Easter-themed Brick Sets: Create custom LEGO® sets inspired by Easter themes, such as spring gardens, egg hunts, or festive scenes. Encourage imaginative play with these unique and interactive gifts.
  3. LEGO® Easter Decor: Craft decorative Easter scenes or bonnets using LEGO® bricks. Build miniature Easter gardens, egg hunt dioramas, or festive table centrepieces to add a touch of egg-cellence to any space!
  4. DIY LEGO® Brick Easter Cards: Design handmade Easter cards using LEGO® bricks as embellishments. Create brick-built Easter eggs, bunnies, or flowers to adorn your cards and make them truly special.


By repurposing second-hand LEGO® pieces, you not only reduce waste but also add a personal and eco-friendly touch to your Easter gifts.

LEGO® Easter: Craft Ideas

Easter LEGO® Craft Ideas.jpg

Looking for creative ways to celebrate Easter with LEGO® bricks? Dive into the world of DIY LEGO® brick Easter decor and engaging activities for kids using second-hand LEGO® pieces.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt Scene: Use LEGO® bricks to create an elaborate Easter egg hunt scene, complete with hidden eggs, mini-figures, and colourful landscapes. Encourage kids to design their own Easter egg hunt courses for endless fun.
  2. LEGO® Easter Bunny: Build adorable Easter bunnies using LEGO® bricks, incorporating pastel-coloured pieces for a festive touch. These cute creations can serve as table centrepieces or decorations around the house.
  3. Easter Basket: Construct mini LEGO® Easter baskets filled with tiny brick-built eggs and treats. Customise each basket with unique designs and patterns, and let kids fill them with their favourite LEGO® brick creations.
  4. Easter Chickens and Chicks: Get creative with LEGO® bricks to build charming Easter chickens and chicks. Experiment with different brick sizes and colours to bring these fluffy creatures to life, perfect for Easter-themed displays.

LEGO® Easter Activities for Kids

LEGO® Easter Activities for Kids.jpg

LEGO® Brick Egg Decorating: Instead of traditional egg decorating, let kids decorate LEGO® brick eggs using paint, markers, and stickers. They can unleash their imagination to design unique patterns and styles on their brick-built eggs.

  1. LEGO® Brick Easter Parade: Organise a LEGO® brick Easter parade where kids can showcase their custom-built Easter-themed LEGO® brick creations. From Easter bonnets to festive scenes, encourage them to get inventive and share their designs with others.
  2. Easter Egg Building Challenge: Challenge kids to build their own LEGO® brick Easter eggs using a specific set of bricks or themes. Set a timer and see who can create the most imaginative and intricate egg design.
  3. LEGO® Brick Easter Storytelling: Encourage storytelling by asking kids to create Easter-themed LEGO® brick scenes and then narrate stories based on their creations. It's a fun way to stimulate creativity and imagination while celebrating the holiday spirit.

By using second-hand LEGO® bricks in your Easter celebrations, you not only promote sustainability but also unleash endless possibilities for creativity and fun.

Let the Easter festivities begin with these inspiring LEGO® brick craft ideas and activities!

*Prices correct at the time of publishing

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