Aug 22, 2023

Building on a Budget: How Second Hand LEGO® Lets You Save


LEGO® is a great hobby; it lets you exercise your building and problem-solving skills in a fun and creative way. However, as any LEGO® fan will tell you, it can take a toll on your bank account. New LEGO® sets continue to soar in price, as the company must cover licensing fees, marketing and manufacturing costs.

Cheap LEGO® is readily available on the second hand market. It’s not just more cost-effective, but also better for the environment, as it saves the need for new LEGO® to be produced. Whilst you’re not always guaranteed a matching set, we think this just adds to the challenge of building something brilliant out of a jumble of bricks.

The Cost of New LEGO® Sets

The cost of new LEGO® continues to rise, with some sets like the Milleniuim Falcon costing as much as £734.99! There are various reasons why LEGO® is so expensive. First and foremost is the quality of materials. LEGO® are hard-wearing and long-lasting, with bricks made to last for years. Some sets also feature intricate designs, like wheels, motors and minifigures. All of this must be factored into the cost.

LEGO® is a globally renowned brand, which takes a serious marketing budget. There’s advertising, social media, website content, videos, influencer marketing - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! LEGO® also have over 800 stores worldwide, which all carry overhead costs.

A large part of LEGO® costs can be accounted for by licensing fees. LEGO® have collaborated with massive film series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and more. They have also worked with Disney and Marvel, creating various Princess and superhero sets. They must purchase the rights to produce all these sets, which carry a hefty cost.

The Rise of the Second-Hand LEGO® Market

The Rise of the Second-Hand LEGO® Market.jpg

The rise of the second-hand LEGO® market can be directly attributed to the rising costs of LEGO®. Second-hand LEGO® is just as good as new. LEGO® is incredibly hard-wearing, so bricks are unlikely to be broken. Just check the photos carefully before you buy. The only thing it may need is a bit of a clean (especially if it used to belong to kids). Follow our guide to cleaning LEGO® and you're ready to start building.

Get More for Your Money

There are lots of online selling sites like eBay where users sell cheap LEGO®. We’ve found bags with hundreds of bricks being sold for £5 or less! You can’t even get a single base plate for £5 from the official LEGO® store - in fact, it's £7.99! Most second-hand listings are mixed bags with a mish-mash of bricks, but you can still build something incredible from them.

You can also find complete LEGO® sets on these selling sites, but these may cost a little more than unmatched sets. You should, however, still save on their recommended retail price. For example, we found an unopened LEGO® Icons set for £15 less than the retail price. These are normally people selling unwanted gifts or sets their children never got round to playing with

Rare or collectible LEGO® sets may actually sell for higher prices on the second-hand market, though. Collectors will bid to get their hands on these pieces, driving up the price. Stay away from these kind of sets though, and the second-hand market is a great place to find cheap LEGO®.

The Sustainable Way to Shop LEGO®

The Sustainable Way to Shop LEGO®.jpg

Another reason to buy second-hand is that it’s better for the environment. There are over 400 billion pieces of LEGO® in circulation, with 36,000 bricks produced every minute! With this many bricks already available, why would we need more? Take a stand against over-consumption and buy used LEGO® instead.

Buying second-hand means that more LEGO® does not have to be produced, reducing waste and pollution from manufacturing. It also reduces pollution from transport, as you can buy LEGO® locally instead of shipping it overseas. It’s a small way you can do your part for the environment whilst also saving money.

Become Part of the LEGO® Community

Buying from second-hand sellers is also a great way to become part of the LEGO® community. AFOL (or Adult Fans of LEGO®) are one of the largest fandoms in the world. They have over 400 ambassadors who regularly meet with LEGO® to discuss new ideas for sets. Buying cheap LEGO® from other fans is a great way to make connections in this community.

Find Rare and Retired Sets

Find Rare and Retired Sets.jpg

Some of the most sought after LEGO® sets can sell out pretty quickly. The second-hand market gives you access to rare or retired sets that you may have missed out on. That means you can complete your Star Wars collection or find your favourite Lord of The Ring scene. If you’re looking for cheap LEGO® though, we’d recommend staying away from these sets. Collectibles tend to go up in price on the second-hand market.

Quality and Condition Considerations

Some people are concerned that buying cheap LEGO® on the second-hand market means that it will be poor quality. In our experience, as long as you buy from a reputable seller, your LEGO® should be fine.

Before buying, you should check to see if the seller has any photos of the set. This should give you an idea of the condition. If not, you can always ask the seller to send you some photos. You should also see if the seller has any reviews. If they have lots of poor reviews, you may want to stay away.

If you want cheap LEGO®, the second-hand market is the place to go! You can get hundreds of bricks for a fiver or less! That means you get to enjoy your hobby for less.

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