Aug 22, 2023

The Benefits of Buying Second Hand LEGO® Sets: Why Pre-Owned Bricks Are the Smart Choice


LEGO building is a lifestyle which requires both dexterity and dedication. LEGO has a loyal following of fans, who love the challenge of building and the satisfaction that comes with completing a set. There are conventions and online forums that celebrate the creativity of LEGO builders from around the world; a sense of community that you rarely get with other hobbies.

Unfortunately, it’s also a hobby that can take a toll on your bank account. New LEGO sets continue to rise in price, which has led many fans to purchase second hand LEGO instead. It’s cheaper, better for the environment and full of nostalgia - so why wouldn’t you buy second hand LEGO?

It’s easy to buy second hand LEGO now. You no longer have to root through toy boxes at jumble sales, nor pay extortionate prices to specialist sellers. Instead, you can buy second hand LEGO on eBay or Amazon. Just check it’s a reputable seller before buying.


The Benefits of Buying Second Hand LEGO

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1. Save Money on Second Hand LEGO

As the price of new LEGO continues to soar, many fans are buying second hand instead. Whilst you can buy second hand LEGO by the set, this is often more expensive. If you are looking to save money by buying second hand LEGO, you’re better off buying by weight.

You can purchase bags of LEGO by the kilo, including a mix of bricks. That means you get a lot more bang for your buck, with hundreds, sometimes thousands of bricks. These are often sold by parents having a clear out, so you might even uncover a hidden gem in there, which you can use or sell on for profit.

Saving money on second hand LEGO means you’re able to expand your collection more than if you bought new. You get more bricks for your money and can save up for key sets that you want to add to your collection.


2. Find Rare and Retired Sets

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It is well known that most LEGO sets are only sold for 2 years before being retired. The second hand market gives you the chance to find sets that you might have missed the first time. You may pay slightly more for these sets, but you can always resell them at this price as well.

Perhaps you’re missing an item from your LEGO cars collection. Or perhaps your kids have just got into Star Wars and now desperately want a vintage set. Take a look for sets on eBay, Amazon and other online sellers. Don’t just buy the first one you find, compare prices across sites and see if you can haggle some money off.


3. Capture That Classic LEGO Nostalgia

Everyone remembers pouring a big pile of LEGO out onto the floor as a child. There were no sets, no rules, just a big pile of bricks and your imagination. What would you build today? Recapture that freedom with a second hand bag of LEGO.

Vintage LEGO sets also perfectly capture a moment in time. The Doctor Who from your childhood. The video game all your friends played. The set you and your Dad built together. Memories all kept in LEGO form. Second hand LEGO makes a thoughtful gift to a partner or friend, or even to yourself


4. Better For The Environment

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As we all know, buying second hand is better for the environment than buying new. That is particularly true for LEGO, which is made from plastic. Whilst some smaller LEGO parts are made from plant-based materials, the majority are made from non-renewable sources. Purchasing second hand therefore preserves resources and prevents pollution from production.


5. Build a Community

The LEGO community, also known as AFOL (or adult fans of LEGO), is one of the largest fan communities in the world. It is also one of the most powerful, with over 400 fan ambassadors who regularly meet with LEGO to discuss issues and ideas for new sets. Buying second hand LEGO from other collectors is a great way to make connections in this community.


6. Challenge Your Imagination

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Mixed bags of unmatched LEGO prove more of a challenge to your creativity, as you try to make a mish-mash of bricks resemble something. What will you build? A house? A playground? A tower? Sifting through bricks to find just the piece you were looking for. LEGO can be anything; the only limits are your imagination.


Why is Second Hand LEGO so Expensive?

Certain second hand LEGO sets may actually be more expensive than new LEGO sets. These tend to be rare or collectible sets. That includes film phenomena like Star Wars and Lord of The Rings, or iconic sets like the Titanic and Eiffel Tower. Some of these sets sell for hundreds of pounds, even second hand.

However, you still can save money by buying second hand LEGO. The vast majority of second hand LEGO is sold by weight, rather than sets. That means you get a jumble of LEGO, including bricks, plates and figurines. This saves money and also challenges your building skills.


Tips for Buying Second Hand LEGO

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The second hand LEGO market can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are our tips for buying second hand LEGO, so you get high quality pieces at fair prices.

  • Read the description - you should always read the description before buying second hand LEGO. Sellers might have hidden details here, like missing pieces or no original packaging.
  • Request additional information or photos - don’t be afraid to request more information or photos if you don’t have everything you need to buy. A trustworthy seller will be more than happy to provide these for you.
  • Compare prices - don’t just buy the first set you find. Search for it on multiple selling sites and search engines to make sure you’re getting it for the best price.

- Check reviews - it’s always a good idea to check reviews. Most reputable sellers should have reviews either onsite or on TrustPilot. It’s possible that this is their first sale, but we would proceed with caution if a seller has no reviews. Perhaps request a few more photos for reassurance. Make sure you leave a review after purchase to contribute to a safer marketplace.

We hope this guide has helped you decide to buy more second hand LEGO. It is the smart way to buy LEGO, saving your money and the environment. It’s also the best way to embrace the nostalgia of playing with LEGO as a child, pouring a big pile of bricks on the floor.

Once you’ve finished with your second hand LEGO, you can sell it to us here at webuybricks. You don’t have to mess around trying to match up sets, you can sell it to us by weight. Just make sure it meets our acceptance guidelines. Once we’ve received your items, we’ll pay you the next day. So start selling today!

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