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If your house is home to a LEGO® lover, you’ll understand the struggle of trying to find room for a collection that never stops growing. You’ve likely accumulated boxes full of bricks that you can no longer store, and are wondering what on earth to do with it all.

Unfortunately, LEGO® can’t be recycled in the traditional sense, so if you throw it in the bin, your bricks will just end up in landfill. This means donating your unwanted LEGO® is the best way to give it a new lease of life and prevent waste. We offer a quick and easy way to donate your LEGO® whilst earning some extra cash.

How to Donate used LEGO®

  1. Weigh your LEGO®: Pop your LEGO® bricks in a bag and weigh them. Then select the weight to the closest kg from our drop-down menu.
  2. Get an instant cash offer: We’ll offer you the highest price for your LEGO® online! Simply accept and checkout to continue.
  3. Post it for free: Package up your LEGO® and take it to your local Evri drop-off point or arrange a FREE home collection.
  4. Get paid: Choose either bank transfer or PayPal and see the money land in your bank the very next day!

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Give your LEGO® bricks a new lease of life

Donating your LEGO® bricks does more than declutter your home - it sets off a chain of happiness. While LEGO® isn't traditionally recyclable, its durability means it can delight multiple generations. Here's the cycle: You donate, we find your bricks a new home, and you get paid.

Your LEGO® avoids the landfill, continuing its journey of joy with someone new. It's a simple, rewarding process that benefits you, the environment, and another LEGO® lover. Everyone wins in this sustainable cycle of play!

The Best Place to Sell LEGO® Sets 

From competitive prices to a seamless selling process, we make it easy and rewarding.

High payouts
High payouts
We pride ourselves on offering the highest price for your old LEGO® online.
FREE postage and collection
FREE postage and collection
Free postage labels or collection directly from your door - at no extra cost.
Next-day payments
Next-day payments
Need your money in a hurry? We’ll send your money the same day we receive your bricks!
Totally hassle-free
Totally hassle-free
We buy LEGO® by weight, so you don’t need to sift through it - box it, send it and get paid!

Organised collection or mismatched - we’ll take it all

When donating LEGO®, you might find that charity shops prefer a complete set or colour-coordinated brick collections. But here at WeBuyBricks, we buy LEGO® by weight, which means we’re happy to take your jumbled-up collection off your hands. There’s no need to spend hours organising, just bag it and donate it!

Selling your LEGO® bricks is a simple way to donate them, and make some extra cash in the process. Not only will you be decluttering, but you’ll also be acting sustainably and earning money too!

Start donating LEGO®

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  • FREE Postage & CollectionFREE Postage & Collection
  • High PayoutsHigh Payouts
  • Next-day PaymentsNext-day Payments
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